Why everyone should start embracing plastic recycling

You will agree with me that plastic recycling is becoming widespread now that global warming has become a real menace. Today, plastic recycling is no longer about large industries collecting plastics to recycle. It is also upon us to embrace plastic recycling. But still, a lot of people don’t seem to get the essence of recycling plastic.

Research shows that plastic is one of the most common materials used all over the world. In fact, there are over 10,000 types of plastic. Unfortunately, plastic waste is becoming a real menace, and if we don’t take it as a collective responsibility, the situation will get out of control.

Plastic recycling basically involves using old plastic to make new things. But today, it goes beyond that, you can opt for reusable plastics, and this is what many GREEN companies are embracing. Instead of discarding a plastic bottle, you can still use it again, maybe for refills.

To be honest, we have already done more damage than is enough to the ecosystem by overly exploiting natural resources to manufacture plastics. For example, we burn a lot of fuel when manufacturing plastic, releasing the fumes into the atmosphere. The fuel itself is not enough to last generations so the more plastics we continue manufacturing, the more our fuel resources continue getting depleted. We can save 40% of the fuel we burn if we choose to recycle plastics.

On top of that, dumping and littering of plastic destroys the environment because of the non-biodegradable nature. Also, plastics release a lot of toxins into the environment which can cause harm to plants and animals. Also, there is the aspect of space in that plastics are talking up a lot of resourceful lands where something better can be done.

Indeed, plastics are a menace to the environment and the future generation. But through collective action, from the government, organizations, corporate world and also the manufacturing industry, we can manage the plastic menace by stopping production of new plastic and recycling what we already have.